"If nothing else, I’d like to at least commend the Dusty 45s for not pluralizing the last half of their name with an apostrophe. Nothing bugs me more than when people abuse the apostrophe like that. But that’s another tale entirely. What we have here is a strange little group that mixes up fat Elvis-style Vegas horns, Carl Perkins guitar riffage, and country twang. Yeah, OK, it’s not the most original thing to come down the line these days (well, except for those horns; they’re snappy), but these kinds of bands tend to do really well on the indie circuit with their idolization of roots music and cheeky genre twisting. So be it. Dusty 45s do their thing with much panache and who can fault them for that? I’m sure their live show’s a real kicker, too. The title track here pretty much sums it all up, but you’ll probably also want to hear “St. James Infirmary” which drops the country in favor of a more Cab Calloway-type bluesy sound, “Vino”, which heads straight to your nearest Italian neighborhood, and “Blistering Sky”, which is as good Tex-Mex rockabilly as you’re likely to find. All right, these guys are definitely more than a one trick pony and this album is plenty of fun. Enjoy." Jason Thompson,


“Fast paced and action packed, the Dusty 45’s have deservedly earned a
reputation as one of the most popular rock/country/swing hybrids in
town.” The Seattle Times


“…This jumpin’ five-piece infuses energy, humor, and delight into its nostalgic hybrid sound.” The Seattle Weekly


“Harnessing enough energy to possibly cause a rolling blackout…The Dusty 45’s take rockabilly out of the garage and bounce it off the walls…” Salt Lake City Weekly